Sunday, May 16, 2010

மக்கள் களரி

Janakaraliya (ஜனகரலிய)

மக்கள் ளரி

Theatre Of the People
Voyage to North!

‘Janakaraliya’ Mobile Theatre
Group will be performing their plays at 10 schools in
Mannar, Vankalai, Nanattan, Murunkan, Pesalai, Thlaimannar in Mannar District and
Madukanda, Nelukkulam, Periya Ulukkulam in Vavuniya District
as a part of a 12 day tour in the Northern Province
from the 16th May to 27th May 2010.
They will also conduct Theatre Arts Workshops for the students and the Teachers of these schools.

A special performance of the play ‘Charandas’ will be held at the Vavunia Town Hall
on the 25th of May 2010 under the patronage of
"Circle of Arts and Literary Friends, Vavuniya"
Janakaraliya plays scheduled to perform in Schools
from 8.00am to 9.00am
Soru Evilla (Sinhala) or திருடன் வந்தான் (தமிழ் ) children's plays for primary students
from 10.00am to 01.00pm
Seethambarapata and antaraamal (Sinhala) or Mayapattadai and
எரிக்கலம் பூ (தமிழ் ) for other students
from 7.00 pm to 9.30pm
The play "Charandas" in Sinhala or Tamil on the School Grounds, open air for common public
All the performances are free of charge!

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